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Arma 3 Zargabad Life

Welcome back to Zargabad. Go back in time and relive the glory days of the fast-paced environment of Zargabad. With minimal rules you chose how you play.

Connect today using CUP mods (except CWA) - play as a civilian or as a UN peacekeeper.

Arma 3 DayZ Exile

It is the year 2018; the world has just experienced a devastating zombie apocalypse. It is the result of an intense American invasion of the Russian territory of Napf.

Two years earlier, you were exiled to the island after committing crimes against the Russian Government. Because of this, you were freed by the Americans from state prison after the invasion. The fallout from the war has mutated and irradiated most people beyond recognition... You must attempt to rebuild and restore old world values. Good luck survivor.

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Otto Rosmarus (Walrus)


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WRITTEN DECEMBER 2, 2018 by @Otto Rosmarus (Walrus) & @Joe Oakley



Hello everyone,

Welcome to IGF Gaming. We wanted to afford the opportunity for server owners to advertise their servers running ZKB's mission framework. This is the opportune place to do so.

We have very few rules on advertising and we're quite lax, so it is expected that they will be adhered to.


Server Advertising Rules:

  1. Only ARMA 3 servers running ZKB's life mission framework are permitted to be posted here. Servers using other framework's or running other games are not permitted here.
  2. Please only bump your post once per 24-hours.
  3. For your own sake: make the server and post interesting.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM myself or @ZKB1325. We're happy to help.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to seeing your advertisements.

Have a great day.

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