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Arma 3 Zargabad Life

Welcome back to Zargabad. Go back in time and relive the glory days of the fast-paced environment of Zargabad. With minimal rules you chose how you play.

Connect today using CUP mods (except CWA) - play as a civilian or as a UN peacekeeper.

Arma 3 DayZ Exile

It is the year 2018; the world has just experienced a devastating zombie apocalypse. It is the result of an intense American invasion of the Russian territory of Napf.

Two years earlier, you were exiled to the island after committing crimes against the Russian Government. Because of this, you were freed by the Americans from state prison after the invasion. The fallout from the war has mutated and irradiated most people beyond recognition... You must attempt to rebuild and restore old world values. Good luck survivor.

  • ZKB1325
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    The Factories.sqf file found in "Configs\Factories.sqf" is where you can find everything needed to set up Factories.


    //Cost to buy each worker
    ZKB_WorkerCost = 3000;
    //Max number of workers
    ZKB_MaxWorkers = 15;
    //True/False if when exporting an item from the factory to a shop if you are allowed to export items with unlimited stock
    ZKB_IgnoreUnlimitedStock = true;
    //Array of virtual items allowed to be added to factories storage
    ZKB_FactoryResources = ["Iron","Copper","Coal","Silicon","DiamondRock","Platinum","Silver","Gold","Oil","Sand","Sulfer","Steel","BlackPowder","Glass","Plastic","ElectronicComponents"]; //List of items allowed to be put into the factory storage
    //Default variable for factories owned by a player, should be ignored
    ZKB_OwnedFactories = [];


    Near the top of the file you will notice variables like the one below, this is to help organize the items in factories.

    _ResourceFactory =


    //Array of factories
    ZKB_FactoryDefines =
    [factory_object, "Factory Name", factorycost, Box_For_Gear_To_Spawn, GameLogic_For_Vehicles_To_Spawn, [Item Array], "Variable"]
    factory_object: The map object for the factory
    "Factory Name": The name of the factory
    factorycost: How much the factory cost to buy
    Box_For_Gear_To_Spawn: Where created gear will spawn use objNull for no weapon crate and gear will be created at players feet
    GameLogic_For_Vehicles_To_Spawn: Where created vehicles will spawn, use objNull for no vehicle spawn
    [Item Array]: Array of items defined in Item_Config.hpp to appear for production in the factory
    "Variable": Base Variable used for factory variables (queue,workers,storage)


    At the bottom of the file is where the factories are set up and map markers are created. You can add a factory object to the following to prevent a map marker from being created.

    if !(_facobject in [TerrorGearFactory,TerrorVehicleFactory])then


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