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Arma 3 Zargabad Life

Welcome back to Zargabad. Go back in time and relive the glory days of the fast-paced environment of Zargabad. With minimal rules you chose how you play.

Connect today using CUP mods (except CWA) - play as a civilian or as a UN peacekeeper.

Arma 3 DayZ Exile

It is the year 2018; the world has just experienced a devastating zombie apocalypse. It is the result of an intense American invasion of the Russian territory of Napf.

Two years earlier, you were exiled to the island after committing crimes against the Russian Government. Because of this, you were freed by the Americans from state prison after the invasion. The fallout from the war has mutated and irradiated most people beyond recognition... You must attempt to rebuild and restore old world values. Good luck survivor.

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    Otto Rosmarus (Walrus)
    Otto Rosmarus (Walrus)
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    Teamspeak Connection Info

    WRITTEN NOVEMBER 29, 2018 by  @Otto Rosmarus (Walrus)

    LAST EDITED: 12/04/2018 [MM/DD/YYYY]


    ADDRESS: play.igfgaming.net  // OR //






    After downloading and setting up Teamspeak on your respective platform, open the application, navigate to - and click on - the 'Bookmarks' tab located in the top left-hand corner. Something similar to this (below) should pop up. Enter the following information...



    Note that your GUI may not look exactly like this, but the information is all the same.


    Once you have entered the required information, click 'Ok'. This will close the dialogue window. To actually connect to TS now, navigate back to the 'Bookmarks' tab, hover over it, and the International Gamers Federation [or whatever you enter] should pop up - click on it. This should automatically connect you.



    First, check to see if our Teamspeak Server is up - 99.99% of the time, it is, so it's likely not your issue, but we like to make sure we cover all of our bases.

    You can check by viewing the service status module the main forum page. 


    If you're still having issues, worry not, you still have a few options.

    1. Attempt to join Teamspeak by clicking HERE [ts3server://]. This is an automatic (safe) url that launches your TS3 application and automatically connects you.
    2. Ask on Discord - chances are someone else may have experienced your issue or knows how to resolve it. You'll get the fastest responses from other players or staff there.
    3. Ask on the Forums.
    4. Check the F.A.Q.
    5. Google it.



    We use Teamspeak over other VOIP services because of the higher quality codec, increased utility (we can use TFR with it), and it allows us to spread things out a little more. While it is an additional cost, we firmly believe that Teamspeak is our best option for the type of community and atmosphere IGF supports.



    Edited by Otto Rosmarus (Walrus)

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Welcome to the International Gamers Federation! We are a growing community of gamers coming together from all over the globe. Founded in 2018, IGF Gaming prides itself on openness, transparency, providing an unparalleled experience, and most importantly, putting our players first.