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Arma 3 Zargabad Life

Welcome back to Zargabad. Go back in time and relive the glory days of the fast-paced environment of Zargabad. With minimal rules you chose how you play.

Connect today using CUP mods (except CWA) - play as a civilian or as a UN peacekeeper.

Arma 3 DayZ Exile

It is the year 2018; the world has just experienced a devastating zombie apocalypse. It is the result of an intense American invasion of the Russian territory of Napf.

Two years earlier, you were exiled to the island after committing crimes against the Russian Government. Because of this, you were freed by the Americans from state prison after the invasion. The fallout from the war has mutated and irradiated most people beyond recognition... You must attempt to rebuild and restore old world values. Good luck survivor.

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    • Tuesday, December 25th, 2018 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!   Mission Update: Live on server v0.3 : Fixes since 0.2.5. I've been extremely busy since the last major update was pushed - finals came and went, and I've finally been able to start catching up on the work here. Apologies for that, but I hope you understand. I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome @Justin Carter to the Exile administrative team.   Added: - Added static AI hospital mission. Fight more than 30 AI holed up in an old military hospital. Reinforcements are flown in when less than a dozen bandits are left. The loot is definitely worth it. - Added more planes to air traders. - Added survivor and bandit AI heli and ground patrols. - Added parachutes to aircraft trader. - Added AI taxis that can ferry people from one Trader City to another.   Changed / Fixed / Updated: - Updated game server to newest Arma version (1.88). - Updated CUP terrains to newest version 1.11.0 (21|Dec|2018) - Temporarily fixed issue with latest CUP Terrains update causing server to crash. It is a band-aid until the authors have resolved the issue. - Reworked some trader inventories to remove null items and vehicles. - Updated some chat messages. - Fixed Suhrenfeld Array text issue. - Fixed snow. - Adjusted seasonal temperatures to be more realistic. - Adjusted zombie spawn rates at crash sites to reduce difficulty. - Adjusted static MG AI skill levels to decrease their efficiency and accuracy. - Increased locker storage capacity from 10,000 caps to 25,000. - Changed and updated multiple smaller items.   Removed: - Removed infiSTAR trader city protections. Testing still underway.   Known Issues in this build: - Loot positions in some buildings are glitchy and will cause loot to float. This is a large time-consuming task and will slowly be resolved.
    • December 19th, 2018 Rules updated. Please ensure you follow them - they're quite straight forward.
    • Your tag request has been approved. Your forum, Discord, and Teamspeak groups have been updated.   Thank you, have a good day. - [IGF] Support
    • Your Teamspeak username: Otto Rosmarus (Walrus)
      Your Discord username: IGF_Walrus
      Missing Tags on the Forums: NONE
      Missing Tags on Teamspeak: NONE
      Missing Tags on Discord: NONE
      I confirm this request is valid: Yes
    • INTERNATIONAL GAMERS FEDERATION - DAYZ EXILE RULES FEEDBACK WRITTEN DECEMBER 11, 2018 by @Otto Rosmarus (Walrus) LAST UPDATED: 12/11/2018 [MM/DD/YYYY]   Hello everyone, As many of you probably know, IGF is a community for the players, by the players. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to make their voice heard. This thread is explicitly for suggesting new exile rules or amending old ones. Please do your best to reference the specific rule (or set of rules) you're talking about.   This thread is for: Suggesting new rules. Suggesting amends or providing constructive feedback. Highlighting mistakes or shortfalls of a rule.   This thread is not for: Non-rule related suggestions. Feedback on rules for other IGF services.   We seriously appreciate everyone's feedback & look forward to engaging in productive discussions.
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